Problems with a Purchase of a Good Injection Molding Machine

Probleme bei der Anschaffung einer guten gebrauchten Spritzgießmaschine

The purchase of a proper injection molding machine is not an easy task.
What are the things to concern when purchasing a used gear? How to prepare ourselves for such a procedure?
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The purchase of an injection molding machine is a significant expense for the buyer.
To increase the efficiency of such an investment, it is worth to check through the second-hand injection molding machines.
The purchase of such a machine that has previously been used allows you to buy a high-quality device at a more affordable cost.
To increase the liquidity of such an operation, you can fund it with a comfortable leasing option.
When deciding to buy a used injection molding machine you need to note the possible difficulties.
The first problem faced by investors is the lack of assistance services.
Therefore, before you buy such an appliance, it is crucial that you first check the origin of it and browse all of the necessary documents, confirming the purchase.
The next problem is the technical condition of such an appliance.
Before such a transaction, an injection molding machine should pass a variety of strict diagnostic tests to look for possible malfunctions.
A thoroughly conducted test can help to select the most reliable pieces.
The high technical capability is the essential requirement for every appliance our company offers.
Apart from the problems mentioned above, the customers also tend to complain about the transport of such a machine.
Due to its massive size, and the fragility of some elements, the transportation needs to take place in particular conditions.
The transport of a machine without appropriate protection is not recommended.
If a purchase results with success, the customer needs to face the preparation of the machine for the usage and the employee training.
When purchasing the injection molding machine from a qualified buyer, the problem of personnel training should decrease to minimal, since it is the seller, who desires to provide the training and assistance.

Purchase of an injection molding machine at Euronet

The purchase of an injection molding machine at Euronet is an answer to all of those problems, faced by a purchaser who desires to buy a machine at a reasonable price.
The list of advantages of using our service consists of:
• Attractive price and flexible means of financing.
• Complex assistance protection.
• Excellent technical condition of a machine assured with strict tests.
• Help with the organization of transportation.
• Preparing the machine for use and conducting employee training.

Case study: The Purchase of an Injection Molding Machine, clamping force about 1000 tonne

One of our clients was looking for a reliable machine, with a clamping force reaching 1000 tonnes.
Soon after his order was placed, the following machine was suggested:
Battenfeld HM 10000 2P/9200
Clamping force: 1000 t
Year: 2004
Injection size: 5146 g
Tie bar distance: 1400 x 1120 mm
you can find more up-to-date ( 2019 ) information on the range of used injection molding machines on the company's website
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